Graffiti is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the community in that it promotes a perception in the community that the laws protecting public and private property can be disregarded with impunity. This perception fosters a sense of disrespect of the law that results in an increase in crime; degrades the community and leads to urban blight; is detrimental to property values, business opportunities and the enjoyment of life; is inconsistent with the City's property maintenance goals and aesthetic standards; and results in additional graffiti and in other properties becoming the target of graffiti unless it is quickly removed from public and private property.

Graffiti Removal on Public Property

The City’s Maintenance Department is out on the streets every day, removing graffiti from public property and right-of-ways. You can work with the City by reporting graffiti. When reporting graffiti, it is helpful in expediting removal if the following detailed information is provided, the specific location including address, intersection, or major cross streets; type of graffiti such as marker or paint; and surface where graffiti is located such as block wall, fence, sign, or painted curb. There are three methods available to make reporting graffiti convenient: 

  1. Using Request Tracker, Graffiti Removal Online Request on the City's website
  2. Call City Hall (562) 865-6262 during business hours
  3. Call the Graffiti Hotline at (888) 504-4057 after hours

Graffiti Removal on Private Property

The City of Artesia has created a new program to address graffiti tagging throughout the City. While it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove graffiti, the City has partnered with Dunn-Edwards Paints to bring a 40% discount to residents and businesses having to cover graffiti on their property. Residents and business owners can contact code enforcement to have their graffiti assessed. Once a code officer has issued a Courtesy Notice (Notice of Violation) they can take that NOV to Dunn-Edwards Paints at 11645 South Street, Artesia and receive a 40% discount on any quantity of paint needed to cover the graffiti. Dunn-Edwards is happy to offer color matching and consultations to help you restore your property to its original condition. Contact 562-865-6262 ext. 200 for any questions or concerns.

Artesia Graffiti Program Flyer