Parking Permit Program

Established Parking Districts

The City has established preferred parking districts in the City to minimize the impact on neighborhoods from non-resident, visiting vehicles being parked on residential streets adjacent to the downtown area and other areas. There are three districts in the City, that cover the streets adjacent to Downtown, Roseton Avenue and Ashworth Street. Residential permits are available for qualified vehicles. Each household is eligible for five residential permits, plus three visitors permits. 

Eligibility for a Residential Parking Permit

To be eligible for a residential parking permit, the following conditions must exist: 

  • Must be a resident of the designated street you are applying the permit for (proof of residency, includes utility bills, lease agreement, etc.) 
  • Must have a valid vehicle registration
  • Must not have any pending parking citations on the vehicle

Complete your application and send all documentations to

Parking Permit Application (PDF)

Downtown Permit Map (PDF)

Roseton Avenue Map (PDF)

Ashworth Street (PDF)

For Merchants and Their Employees

Merchants in the parking permit zone may obtain parking permits at a discounted rate through City Hall. Submit a Merchant Discount Parking Application at City Hall.

Downtown Paid Parking Program (PDF)

Merchant Discount Parking Application (PDF)

Downtown Merchant Participation Acknowledgement (PDF)