Large Items

Bulky Items

Bulk waste includes over-sized items such as home furnishings, mattresses and box springs, carpet, appliances and other household items too large to fit in your refuse container. In some areas, it may also include yard waste or landscape debris and small quantities of home construction debris.

Picking Up Bulky Items

Bulk waste varies by location but in general, CR&R collects, and in many cases recycles, the following bulk waste and over-sized items:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Tires
  • Appliances (contact us for special instructions on handling items containing refrigerant)
  • Electronics or e-waste (contact us for instructions on handling)
  • Yard waste and landscape debris
  • Home construction debris

For your convenience, CR&R offers dumpster and container rentals for the collection and disposal of large quantities of bulk items. For items in working condition, you may wish to consider donating those items, or explore opportunities for recycling as an alternative to disposal.

To schedule a bulky item pickup for the next regular waste pickup day, call CR&R at (800) 826-9677.