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Window Signage Requirements
A window sign is identified by Artesia Municipal Code Section 9-2.1204 as any sign picture, symbol, decoration, or combination thereof, designed to communicate information about an activity, business, commodity, event, sale or service or to celebrate a holiday and which is:
  • Located within 12 inches of the surface of a window or upon window panes or glass
  • Visible from the exterior of a window
  • Located within any industrial or commercial zone of the city
  • Is not excluded from the definition of a sign

Window Signage Must Comply With the Following Requirements
Window signs shall not obstruct more than 25% of the total window area on which the window signs are located, except during the period from December 1 through January 2 of the succeeding year and any additional two week period within a calendar year, when window signs may obstruct up to 50% of the total window area.

For purposes of this section, "window area" is defined as the entire area composed of one or more individual window panes and frames that abut each other and which are not separated from other windows or frames by other surfaces of a building. The area of a window sign shall be calculated by the rectangular area that encloses the extreme limits of the writing, picture, symbol, or decoration.

Requirements for Filing a Window Sign Permit Application
  • Complete a Window Sign Permit Application form.
  • Prepare an elevation plan of the proposed window signage identifying the following information:
    • Exact location of the proposed window signage on the building
    • Dimensions of the existing windows and proposed window signs
    • Text, design, and colors of the proposed window signs
  • Submit the Window Sign Permit Application and one copy of the Elevation Plan to the Planning Department prior to installing the proposed window sign. There is no fee involved for processing a Window Sign Permit application.

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