Restaurant Incentive Program

In an effort to continue to incentivize investment in restaurants that serve a broad cross section of the community, provide jobs and spur economic activity, the City of Artesia has developed the Restaurant Incentive Program. The Program was created to encourage quality dine-in restaurants within the City. The program provides rebates for new restaurants toward planning, permit, and other fees up to $50,000, provided that the rebates are surpassed by tax revenues to the City in the restaurant’s first few years. This program has brought significant benefits, including high return on investment, new jobs, and new dining options for the community, and won the City a 2019 Award of Excellence from the California Association for Local Economic Development.

To be eligible under the Program, the applicant must be the type and use as outlined in the Restaurant Incentive Program Policy located here. Complete and submit the application here.

For more information about this program, please contact Jeremy Bates at