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Ancestry & Ethnicity
The residents of Artesia are 45.8% foreign-born, and 25.2% are not U.S. citizens.

Portuguese is the most common European ancestry in Artesia. The city's population is 9.4% of Portuguese decent, with 49.4% of this population being foreign-born. The city's population is 4.6% Dutch, making this the second most common European ancestry. 

Artesia is 27.4% Asian ancestry. The most commonly reported ancestries are:
  • Filipino 10.4%
  • Chinese 5.1%
  • Asian Indian 4.6%
  • Korean 4.5%

Artesia is 3.6% Black or African American.

Artesia is 38.3% Hispanic or Latino, with most of those of Mexican descent (32.4%).