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Team Artesia
Artesia in Action
Artesia in Action

Volunteering is one of the most pervasive activities in American society, one that has deep roots in historical tradition.

Volunteers are the nation's largest untapped resource.  There are interested, vital individuals who are willing to contribute their time and talents to others.  It is the object of the Team Artesia to link volunteers in the community with the departments of City's governments which can use their assistance.

Volunteering for the City of Artesia can provide an opportunity to learn about various departments in the City and be of service to the community.  Additionally, volunteering is a good way to learn or update skills, to learn about different professions in advance of entering a particular field, and to remain active and challenged before or after retirement.

The purpose of the "Team Artesia" volunteer program is to expand and enhance the delivery of quality services by promoting citizen participation within City government.  The program focuses its residents to contribute their valuable time and talents on a volunteer basis.  The program will be designed as an avenue for residents with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to participate in City government.

To achieve these objectives, a volunteer program will be developed to be utilized by all City departments.  Through the efforts of a Volunteer Coordinator, community volunteers may be recruited and referred to a City department seeking the assistance of a volunteer.

Program goals include:

  1. To recruit and orientate a pool of volunteers.
  2. To promote community involvement by allowing residents to help other residents.
  3. To help citizens develop a working knowledge of City operations.
  4. To provide volunteers with an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with the City and enrich the quality of life in our community.
  5. To utilize their skills to help generate solutions.
  6. To expand and enhance the delivery of quality services to the residents of Artesia at minimal cost.
  7. To better manage limited municipal resources.

The City will provide adequate instruction and, where necessary, training to ensure all workers perform a task properly and safely, and provide individual volunteers with adequate knowledge of City rules and requirements.  The training will include but not be limited to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), etc. to assist with the City's Emergency Preparedness Program and Special Events.

In compliance with City of Artesia policies, personal protective equipment should be provided by the city, if necessary, and is required to be worn to complete the work assigned.  The timing and methods for delivery of such training should be appropriate to the complexity and demands of the positions and the capabilities of the volunteers.

Experienced volunteers may be included in the design and delivery of volunteer orientation and training.  Those staff that will be in a supervisory capacity for volunteers shall have primary responsibility for design and delivery of on-the-job training to volunteers assigned to them.

Email the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up!