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Ziba Beauty
The studio
The studio

An American Story: From humble origins to international beauty empire
Ziba Beauty started in Artesia, and now has 15 locations in California, and a partnership with Harrods in London

17832 Pioneer Blvd.
Artesia, California
(562) 402-5131

Threading is an ancient "street art," originating perhaps 6,000 years ago in India.  For the longest time it never had a formal school to teach it.  Through the ages, it was taught from mother to daughter.  That is, of course, until Ziba Beauty perfected it and now teaches it.

Ziba offers facials and body waxing in addition to threading, and also has a highly sought after product line called Sumita Beauty, featuring kajal-inspired eye liners (that will not smudge or smear), brow products, body art and skincare.

Ziba Beauty started in 1985, as another addition to the steadily growing group of Indian businesses located along Pioneer Blvd.  At the time, Ziba was a simple beauty salon started by Kundan Sabarwal, known affectionately by employees as "Aunt Kelly".

Though of Indian decent, Sabarwal and her family immigrated to the United States from Persia.  "Ziba" is the Persian word for "beauty."

Sabarwal decided to take a risk and started Ziba Beauty Salon, employing her daughters as assistants and training them in the ancient arts of mehndi and threading.  Sumita Batra, one of Sabarwal's daughters and future CEO of the company, said, "The business was successful because she didn't have to hire employees - she had her daughters to help her."

Their first salon was located on 186th and Pioneer, and for its first 10 years, Ziba Beauty was just the one salon.  About 15 years ago, the salon moved to its current location at 17832 Pioneer Blvd. and began to expand to different cities.  It just so happens that the plaza where Ziba Beauty is located at now, is where the very first Indian business on Pioneer Blvd. was established.  The first business was called India Food and Gifts, which is no longer in business.

Today, Ziba Beauty has 15 locations throughout California, from Artesia, Long Beach, and all the way to Daly City.  Together they serve 60,000 customers a month.  They offer the standard services you'd find at any beauty salon, along with traditional mehndi and threading, but the most distinct feature is the quality of their services.  The beauticians who work at Ziba have all been trained at Ziba Academy.

"People notice the price difference, for example, in threading here at Ziba Beauty when compared to other places," said Batra.

"The cost is higher here," continued Batra, "and the difference is education and quality.  Before Ziba, threading was a street skill.  Ziba Beauty was the first to research threading, and perfect it.  Essentially, we turned it into an art form."

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