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Surati Farsan Mart

Tasty sweets and snacks from the Surat region of India

Surati Farsan Mart, has a long and deep-rooted history in Artesia, having started in 1985.  

Roger Patel is the owner of the bakery/restaurant, having taken it over in 1989, after the passing of his father.  Patel explained, “Surat is a region in India, and “farsan” means sweets and snacks. So, our specialty is sweets and snacks from the Surat region of India.”

Surati Farsan Mart has changed greatly over the course of its history.  First, it has expanded, originally 1,400 square feet, it is now 3,400 square feet.  Secondly, it now has two other locations - one in San Diego and another to open in a few weeks in Northridge.

It’s most recent expansion and renovation was finished earlier this year, with a new roof facade and sign, a new exterior wall, and a stylized sidewalk outside.

“Being that we are a vegetarian cuisine, much of clientele are American vegetarians, vegans, and of course Indians, “said Patel.  “Our customers travel all the way from the valley (i.e. Northridge), downtown L.A., and the Inland Empire.

Anyone stopping by for a visit should try the samosas in addition to the sweets. Usually, samosas contain potatoes and peas.  Surati Farsan’s samosas have a very distinct look, and in addition to the standard ingredients, also include corn and onions, which add more flavor, zing, and texture to the already wonderful samosa.

“We sell between two and three thousand samosas a week out of this location alone.  These are high quality samosas,” said Patel.

Surati Farsan is located at 11814 186th Street.  You can special order deliveries on their website,  Their number is (562) 860-2310.