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Standards for All Wall Signs
Standards Applicable to All Wall Signs
  • No sign shall project more than 12 inches from the wall face.
  • The maximum sign area for a business shall not exceed one square foot of area for each lineal foot of business frontage, provided that no individual sign shall exceed 100 square feet.
  • No wall sign shall have more than two rows or columns of letters or characters.
  • Maximum letter height for wall signs shall conform to the following table:

Business Frontage (in linear feet)

36 inches

30 inches


24 inches


22 inches


20 inches
18 inches
Note: For purposes of calculating letter heights, business frontages shall be rounded to the nearest whole number of feet and to the next lowest whole number when the distance between two whole numbers is exactly 1/2 foot.

  • All conduits, raceways, transformers, junction boxes, and openings in the buildings shall be completely concealed. If canopy architecture prohibits concealing hardware, it shall be enclosed in a manner consistent with quality fabrication practices and painted to match the adjacent wall color. The method of installation shall be approved by the Planning Department.
  • All exposed exterior signs shall be mounted directly onto the building face and shall be completely sealed in a watertight enclosure. All bolts, fastenings, and clips used shall be of hot-dipped galvanized iron, stainless steal, or other non-corrosive material.
  • All signs intended to be illuminated shall be illuminated internally.
  • No labels or other identification will be permitted on the exposed surface of the sign except those required by local ordinance.
  • Cabinet sign backgrounds shall be of a non-reflective material, and if illumination is used, the sign copy shall be illuminated.
  • Individual channel or reverse channel letters are encouraged for use in all retail commercial project based upon their legibility and visual effect

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