Commercial Building Improvement Program

Another program that forms part of the City’s commitment to improving its business community and commercial areas is providing an opportunity for local businesses called the Commercial Building Rehabilitation Program (“CBRP”). By offering financial incentives to business owners/merchants, the City hopes to improve the physical appearance of commercial buildings and properties. The CBRP aims to provide more pleasant shopping, dining, and entertainment areas in the City, improving the environment for local businesses and shoppers alike.

The CBRP program has four components: architectural design services, sign replacement loan rebates, façade improvement loan rebates, and general property improvement loan rebates. The CBRP will loan up to $5,000 interest-free to business or property owners to perform public-facing building or façade improvements to their business. Loans may also be forgivable, at the discretion of the City, if increased tax revenues or other public benefits generated by the improvements justify it. To learn more about the CBRP, its guidelines, and to access the application form, click here. If you have any further questions, please contact Jeremy Bates at